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    yatta! todays the release date for psp in europe
    so for all u happy europeans (including me )
    go buy ur psp (if u dont have it that is) if ur not to lame, then import it or buy from some shop that already got it imported

    oh yeah.. a tip if u want to play/run homebrews on ur psp buy the USA or JP version of the psp (JP comes with 1.0 and US comes with 1.5( if they havent changed it yet)
    or wait til they release a prog that can downgrade ur 1.51/1.52 (maybe 2.0? ) to 1.5/1.0

    as some of u heard: alot of people said that the EU PSP would come with 2.0 installed already buts its not..
    it comes with an 1.52 and 2.0 <-- (is found on the demo disc)

    so as i said earlier dont upgrade to 2.0 if u want to play/run homebrews...

    or just simply upgrade to fw 2.0 if u want the flashy (not) web browser and wait til the hack the 2.0 fw, wich could take some time..i guess til next year.

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  2. #2 PSP iRShell help pleaseee 
    anyone here have iRShell? can you explain how to install it on 3.03_OE_C? the read me on iRShell only explain to install on 1.50 and 2.71 SE...
    did iRShell homebrew can brick PSP? did the program mess the flash0?
    can anyone here can explain how to bring back my melody button to active after deleting iRShell program from memory stick... my melody button (the one beside the light button) on PSP interface cannot function like a normal...
    helpme... I need to know...
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