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    Hi im new to these forums so this question might have been asked tons of times and if so i appolgize.
    Anyway I'm looking for a mod-chip or some way to play european games in my american psp but still allowing me to play american games.

    Im trying to get a game call B-Boy and i found it on a european game site but i know its not gonna play with out somthing mod'd.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks and great forums!
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    The only dual firmware modchip option is the UP (Undiled [sp] Platium).
    Anyways, the region encoding is for movies only. You can play any game in the world, no matter what.
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    Wait so it will play?
    I called sony and some dumb lady told me games are regional too and it wont play.

    If thats the case what are mod chips even for?
    I could careless about movies.
    I never play my psp and need somthing to do with it to make to playable
    any sugesstions?
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    modchips make the psp brickproof. its mostly used by developers

    games are NOT region locked. any game will play on any system (JP games work on USA consoles)

    bottom line: if you buy the game, it will work on your north american psp. regardless if its from japan or germany.
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    wow thanks alot guys im gonna order the game now
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