I'm going to start from the beginning, my problem:
ok so i'm a PSP noob, just got one about a month ago as a present, it was a starwars edition slim white psp that came with starwars battlefront. I didn't know i could customize my psp until i found psp forums. by then i had bought some cheap psp games i found interesting. My psp was 3.62 when i first got it, then i tried to using pandora's battery which i made turning the only battery i had into a jigkick. it worked but i didn't back up nand or anything else i was supposed to do (pressed X as soon as the pandora menu came up), so i upgraded psp to 3.71 M33, i downloaded some psx games into it which i could play, which was fine but it wouldnt read some ISO or some other games i downloaded so i tried to upgrade to 3.71 M33-2. I used a video tutorial i found in youtube. when it came to the part where i had to install it it said battery had to be over 75% charged (i was using the charger as power source) then i pop in jigkick battery(My big mistake) then it starts installing, installation success! or so i thought, tutorial said psp was supposed to start again by itself, but didnt instead it got bricked. then i tried unbricking using this tutorial and worked but then it brought me to this situation where i'm on 3.71M33-2 can't do any updates because of region code error and none of my UMDs are able to read.

k so i got to recovery menu and i try putting up free region umd and changing fake region to America then try to put in umd or read stuff on game folder but region error still comes up, then i try changing the fake region to japan, europe and others but still umd/game folder wont read... anything else i have to change in the recovery menu? i read in another thread about someone asking help for a problem very similar to mine where they've gotten their psp bricked without backing up nand or something and didnt have mac address and had the same region error i do, then they were told that thats as bricked as a psp gets and had to kill the psp and send it back to get a new one or just buy a new one. is that what my only way?