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    i got a 1g memory stick and a memory stick adaptor so i can plug it into my comp. My question is can i download games off the internet to my memory stick and put them onto my psp?
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    you can download demos and full games from the sony psp website.
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    first off its ilegal to do that unless you own a copy of the game so watch what you post, second off you need custom irmware o do stuff like that in the first place so if i was you id become friends with google and the answr would be yes i have 4 games on my 2gig three are about 300mb and one is about 420 i have about 100 songs and a few pictures along wit the programs for my pandora battery woow i dont feel like a noob anymore hahah
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    Quote Originally Posted by dayungking View Post
    .... woow i dont feel like a noob anymore hahah
    i remember that moment, it was after i realized i had 1 kb left and my memory stick took more than a minute to scroll to the bottom
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    lol, that was funny dayungking..
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