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    I thought I would reiterate what has been said time and time again in hopes the different set of directions would trigger a paradigm shift for noobs.

    Background - I was going from 3.52 to 3.8 on my Fat and tried to cancel out – don’t do that! Regardless, I now have a PB (Pandora Battery), a MMS (Magic Memory Stick), and the knowledge/ experience to restore or CFW any PSP.

    My experience:

    PB – thanks to one for this post and awesome pics (sorry for lack of link, i apparnetly dont have the points!)
    You will want to check, double check and then triple check you are working on the correct pin.
    There also some YouTube videos out there that are helpful – the more you watch, the better prepared you are to do the operation.

    My battery was harder to get open than I thought it would be – probably because I was too tentative with my cutting. I could tell when I had broken the seal as the 2 sides of the case moved in and out independently. The corners were a real pain in the ass – just round them with your blade. The case did seem resilient once opened – the last side made a real crack sound when it finally gave way. One note – the chance of you slicing your hand while doing this is relatively high. If you get the feeling that you may cut yourself, you probably will.

    The actual pin was tough. The pictures make it look a lot bigger than it really is!
    To be clear - I’m not an electrician. I grabbed some electrical tape and covered everything other than the area I needed – using the tape to secure the battery to the counter top. I did try a soldering iron but I don’t know if it did much, if anything. In the end, I just grabbed a sewing needle and reefed on the pin until it broke. There are warnings about touching/ shorting out the battery if you contact the pin beside – I figure I must have touched both but it didn’t seem to kill the battery(?). I worked on it for a while - it did break, eventually. I put the top of the case back on and super glued the seams. A few scratches from the knife is the only sign I was inside.

    Funny how you go in so tentative - - and by the end you are heaving on the fricking little pin trying to get it to break. I didn’t know if I was successful so I dropped it in my PSP and got a green light. From my limited understanding, that means I was successful.

    MMS – I followed this guide by Hercules – Thank you Hercules.

    The guide refers to a working PSP to format the MS so what if you bricked and can’t format one? – chances are you have a stick for games (likely in your PSP) – Guess what - it is formatted. Go and get yourself a universal USB memory stick reader – $10 – if you don’t already have one. Back up the important content from the MS on your PC and you have a stick that is ready to go – I did the Game150, SAVEDATA, ISO, and anything else I could see that was obvious).

    I did try the easy install first – didn’t seem to work for me.
    So I followed the posted instructions subbing the PSP (by USB Connection) with the Memory Card Reader on my PC.

    The hands on methoid was as simple as it gets. I did encounter one problem however – where Herclues said “Type in the following command "CD C:\" (note: with-out quote mark) HIT enter”
    I just typed “C:\” to get the C prompt (ie no CD prefacing the C – note sure why he had CD for that one)

    You know what – I have time to write it out so here is what I did (again, this is a rewrite of Hercules’ work – link above)

    - extract The_File_You_Need.7z to your desktop (use WinRAR or 7-Zip)
    - Open the README 1st folder
    - highlight and copy folders MSINST and MSPFORMAT
    - open My Computer
    - Left Click the C: drive once (Note: if you double click, it will open the C: drive which you don’t want)
    - RIGHT click on the highlighted C: drive and select PASTE – this will place the files on the C drive for step 2

    (Note - for USB card reader on PC – sub USB PSP or see Hercules link above)

    - You need a formatted memory stick (read above for details if you bricked)
    - Insert the MS in the card reader and connect to your PC (note – im on WinXP – not sure about Vista, sorry)
    - Open the MS folder – you should see the common PSP folders. Note the drive letter – we will call it X from here on out in this tutorial.
    - open up command prompt (click Start, select Run, type in cmd and hit <enter>
    - Type in the following command "C:" (note: with-out quote mark) and hit <enter>
    - type the following command "mspformat\mspformat.exe X" (where X = MS drive)
    - It will tell you that you are about to format, all data lost, etc. type Y and <enter>
    - it should say "Drive successfully formatted, and partition moved."
    - don’t close command prompt. Eject your USB reader (drive X). you don’t have to removing the MS from the reader
    - Then re-insert the USB reader. Navigate to the drive (X) and you will see its new contents – AutoRun and ntdetect (you may need hidden files on to see –its not critical – see windows for that tut)
    - Go back to the extracted The_File_You_Need.7z folder
    - navigate to the Despertar v3 folder, and copy its contents to the MS (just the contents, not the actual folder) – you can just drag and drop, whatever.
    - wait for the files to copy over and then go back to your command prompt window
    - type the following command after the C:\> prompt "msinst\msinst.exe X msinst\msipl.bin" (where X= USB drive) and <enter>
    - you will get a bunch of ‘stuff’ ending with “Write ABS Sector… Are you sure?”
    - type Y and <enter>
    - you will see "Write MS BOOT CODE "
    - You are done. type “exit” and <enter> to exit the command prompt

    * you now have a magic memory stick!

    Whats next –
    - drop your MMS into the PSP
    - connect the power supply
    - insert the PB and sit back. Within a few seconds you should get the install options.
    - hit X for the custom firmware and watch it do its thing.
    - it will hang for a second at “loading PSAR to Ram”, don’t sweat it.
    - lights will go crazy, the screen will fill with all kinds of code/ activity.
    - eventually, it will finish (maybe a minute?) with some text, mid screen, reading “Install success. Press X to shutdown the psp”
    - do as it asks and shut down.
    - remove the MMS, remove the PB and replace with normal battery and fire it up.

    Note – I used my bricking experience to get myself a new Slim. I took the MMS and PB that I used to unbrick my Fat, dropped it in my Slim – and got the exact same results.

    So if your new, or scared, or stupid, or whatever your excuse is, don’t be. The hardest part is the battery. If you can find a buddy that has one, use his. If you make one, then you’re the cool guy that’s got the PB (and the chicks will really dig you with you PB! - you know it).

    One last comment (while I’ve got you.)
    If you’re looking to mod your psp just to play hacked games (and lets be honest, that is the vast majority of you), spend the little bit of time required to LEARN a bit about your PSP. It would seem to me that so many posts are from silly little kiddies that get a new PSP, D/L some new-release game, and then hit the boards for a quick fix. Spoilt little shats! You have a rude awakening coming when you hit the real world (And I know your destine for the real world because you a) didn’t have your butler install the CFW for you and/or 2) obviously don’t have the cash to just buy whatever game you want (or hire a butler to do it for you).

    Rip a battery open, learn what a command prompt is, just LEARN something new. In the end, these skills will be so much more valuable than getting to level 10 on whatever game it is that you will likely finish within a week regardless. Now, off my soap box and back to my CFW PSP.
    Let me know if anything is inaccurate, I will edit. Thanks guys.
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