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    Hey I know that you can hook-up the psp 2000 to your tv, but has anyone tried to hook-up a 1000 series to a tv? i have a 1000 series and it does have a connection for it, but i haven't tried it as yet? anyone ever try this?
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    the only way is to order a rediculious mod kit that gives you a whole new motherboard and case for your psp. i'll look for it now, there's a video. it gives you video out and lets you use a psx controler, h/o i'll edit the video in a bit

    edit: yea yea here it is, along with an almost decent video of taking apart the phat psp... and the song is catchy too
    YouTube - PSP TV
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    ive been interested in this too, i found a converter cord that has a headphone jack and the 3 TV cables that game systems use. only thing that came out the tv was sound lol. i guess it would be good for a house party tho

    EDIT: and i do remember some company had a product that acted as a camera over top of the psp screen and displayed on the tv
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    There is a mod that uses a file host to put the psp screen up on the computer and allows you to use a pc computer but the last time i looked it didn't have usb support other wise it was very useful!!
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    why dont you connect your psp to your computer, via remote joy, and play it from there... its much easier then having to operate your psp guts and risking screw up.
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    Genius Update !!!!!
    Tranfer Psp Screen To A Laptop Through Remotejoy , Then Tranfer Laptop Screen To Hdmi Compatible Tv

    There You Have It Psp (phat) 1000 On Tv
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