Thread: Can component cables, be used as composite cables?

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  1. #1 Can component cables, be used as composite cables? 
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    There is a new mod by FuSa that allows Slim TV Out using Composite Cables, which is a real break through for playing psp games on a standard definition television.

    From what i understand component cables are used on HDTV's and composite cables are the old school 3 colored cables for SDTV's

    I dont mind buying composite cables, but i see myself getting a HDTV soon and i want to get the most out of the cables.

    Question can i get component cables and use the three colors (if they have them) on my SDTV?
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    No - Component carries Red Green and Blue video signals (red, Green and blue RCA connectors), Composite carries a single video signal, left audio and right audio (Yellow, Red and Black or red and white - Yellow = video).

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    right, RGB

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    Component and composite cables are identical, except for the coloring, and that the first usually has 5 of the RCA male ended cables (3 video, 2 audio), versus 3 for composite (1 video, 2 audio). They're shielded cables, and will work fine as long as you match the outputs with the inputs.
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