Thread: Double checking PSP Slim modding- is it the same as PSP fat modding?

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  1. #1 Double checking PSP Slim modding- is it the same as PSP fat modding? 
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    ...Im getting really addicted to modin this thing.

    I want to pick up a PSP slim, for various reasons, one being thye TV-out function.

    Nonethelss, If I have/make a pandora battery and Magic Memory stick for a psp slim (I know the batteries are diff)

    I can just intall the 4.01 M33-2 CFW the same way I did with my Phat psp, right?

    The reason is because also along with the "newer" Slim PSP specs,(64mb memory) Id like to keep my Phat psp with the 1.50 kernal add-on and get a PSP Slim with the flash player.

    Or did I read somewhere that the 1.50 Kernal addon isnt even compatible with the PSP slim?

    Thanks in advance! Laterz...
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    yes, its the same with a slim as it is with a phat.....sometihng u should watch out for is buying a brand new psp, cause it could have the un moddalbe TA-88 v3 mobo...

    and yes, the slim cant use the 1.50 kernal

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