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    MyPSP Robotics with MyGPRS: from PSP robot to PSP phone

    Posted Dec 21, 2008 at 05:33PM by Karl B. Listed in: Homebrew Development Tags: SMS, GPRS, Zero-one, ccpspita Ó
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    It's been a while since we last posted about ccpspita's MyPSP Robotics project, so before we get to the update, here's a quick backgrounder. MyPSP Robotics is a software set that, as far as I understand it, is being built to serve as the "soul" of a robotic PSP.

    The PSP itself will act as the brains and will be attached to a set of actuators and sensor equipment like cameras and mikes. The dev has already added a few features like voice and facial recognition to the app in the past, and now he's managed to attach a Telit GPRS module to the PSP's serial port.

    This is where the project seems to branch out from the original "PSP robot" concept and into a PSP phone. The addition of the quad-band GPRS module will eventually let users make and receive calls and SMS. Here's a video showing the Telit GM862 module connected to a PSP:

    Download video!

    Ccpspita also posted the following explanation for the video, along with a few images showing the Telit module connected to the PSP:
    • The Autobauding of the module (the first AT gives error, the second is read properly)
    • Request the firmware to Form
    • Set up by the baud rate instead dell'autobauding
    • The request of the state of SIM (present or not present, with or without PIN)
    • Sending the PIN (already registered)
    • The application for registration in network
    • The request for data on the "cell"
    • The application of available networks

    Honestly speaking, a lot of the technical stuff in this project simply went over my head, but the prospect of a PSP phone is definitely very promising. Keep checking back here for updates.

    frosthax-to the person on here making a pspphone,seems you got competition elsewhere.good luck however on your modjob as well
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