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    Okay, here's my story...back in March, I bought a PSP slim piano black. I hard modded the battery and made a magic memory stick with that Totalnewbieasy installer from Quickjump. Then, 2 weeks ago, my cat breaks the LCD (at least I think it was my cat...). I was wanting to get a new PSP anyways, so I went out and bought one.

    Unfortunately, my new PSP 2001 came with 4.01 OFW, and I'm almost positive it's got the dreaded unhackable motherboard (whenever I stick my modded battery in, it turns on immediately like it's supposed to, but it won't read the MMS at all). Oh, it should be noted that I used the exact same Totalnewbieasy installer as I did back in March...not sure if using a newer MMS software would make a difference or not.

    So, I figured I might be able to take the motherboard and other PCB's out of my old PSP and stick em in the newer case with the shiny new LCD screen. All I want to replace is the PCB's...I was just wondering if this was possible. I couldn't find any indication that there would be hardware incompatibilities between an older motherboard (I bought it in March) and the new LCD, UMD drives, MMS port, etc in the newer model's case (which I bought 3 days ago)...but I wanna be completely sure before I do some surgery on it. Anyone have any experience with anything like this?

    Any advice is appreciated...I REALLY miss the CFW...

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    Forgot to add this...if replacing the entire motherboard isn't possible, I could live with bringing the new LCD and backlight to the old PSP. I'm just worried about combatiblity.

    Also, I found a guide for disassembling a PSP slim, but the pictures are kind of lacking. If anyone knows a good, reliable guide, please let me know.

    Thanks again.
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