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    hey, i dont know if this is the right category for this thread, but i need help for my psp that isn't software-ish problem

    When i press home button on my psp, sound is automatically muted... And when i pres + or - buttons for sound, it unmutes, and going up or down, respectively on + or - button pressed.
    I have opened my psp to clear the buttons and when i finished, it's same again... When i need to exit games with HOME button, sound mutes... It's not really a problem because i can always press + or - but im curious... Is there a way to fix this? Does this happened to anyone else?
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    the home button strip is probably shorted or something you can probably buy a new one on ebay. But I'm no expert so wait for some more replies before you go to ebay.
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    I actually had this problem myself just as JohnStamos66 said it's the Home button the time I was lazy and I didn't want to buy one do all I did was take the film off that is over the strip(will also take off the small metallic circles) and replace it with a layer of packing tape I cut to fit it..may be ghetto as hell but it works.

    I know DX used to sell them so maybe check there..

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