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    Hiya all,

    Basically, I think I may have the rubbish motherboard V3 or whatever although i'm not sure.

    My Serial number starts HB2
    The code underneath my PSP says PSP2003 at the end

    When I open my UMD cover, the motherboard is covered by plastic casing so I cannot find a code to see for sure what motherboard I have.

    I believe that My PSP came with 3.71 OFW or 4.01 OFW I can't remember as I have updated it to 5.03 the other week

    Can someone please tell me if they think a pandora battery will work with this or am I one of the unlucky ones?

    Thanks in advance
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    Well you should look into ChickHEN for 5.03(Many Threads on here detailing what it is and the process) and then once you get it running run PSPIdent to identify your Motherboard.

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    No need to make multiple theads on the same topic. xD
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