Thread: My battery is acting up, why is it acting like this?

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  1. #1 My battery is acting up, why is it acting like this? 
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    Okay, so I've got one of those Hybrid PSP batteries, that acts as a normal battery and a pandora battery. I've had it for about 2 months and last month it started acting up every once in a while. Now it's being even more weird. I.E;

    When I try to turn the PSP on using the battery it'll show a green light for about
    5-10 sec. Then it goes blank. This isn't a brick though as I can use my PSP fine on the charger. Also if I put my battery in PSP + charger it'll show a red light. I have no idea if it's charging though because It won't turn on when I've got the battery and the charger going at the same time (it does the same thing it does without a charger inserted.) Also if I turn the PSP on with a charger then Insert a battery afterwards it'll just freeze. The L.E.D's still stay on, but the screen appears to just freeze. I can take the charger out and it'll still stay on, with the screen frozen though. Also when I put it in pandora mode it turns the psp on by itself like it should but screen still stays blank, if I combine it with MMS, it does the green light then shuts off.

    Does anyone know why it could be doing this? Thanks for any feedback. I'm going to buy a new battery soon, it's just that If I could find a fix, then I could spend that money on something else. Thanks again.

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    Sounds like the battery is just f*ucked up....just go out and get a new one.

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    get a new battery

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