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    Hello all, recently i decided i'd go off and buy myself a new case for my psp2001. i've had the old thing since the day the slim came out and it's served me very well, but unfortunately, my system hasn't aged well. what i decided on was a monster hunter shell from an ebay store. THIS is the case that i decided on. today it just came in, and i was somewhat dissapointed by it. while it is a very nice copy of the psp2k case, the feel of it isnt like the nice smooth surface of my piano black system. its feel is best described as the feel of paint primer. a pourous feeling rough surface. there are no bumps on the case, i'll post pics later.

    so my big question to you all is this: will an acrylic clear gloss protective finish give me the nice smooth feel i want with my psp? im guessing it will give me some scratch protection as well, but i'll be happy if it just makes it shine. i've already started testing it on hidden areas of the case and on my old case to make sure it doesnt melt it or anything, which it doesnt.

    im mainly worried about the end finish, what i've seen so far is it self levels a little bit, but not completely (you can still make out streaks) if i sanded it with some kind of superfine sandpaper, would that fix it? or is there something else out there i can use

    EDIT:: ah you know what? screw it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. im gonna put the clearcoat on as evenly as i can and just sand it down after a second coat tomorrow.

    i want my shiny monster hunter psp :P pics tomorrow for anyone interested

    EDITEDIT:::: oh wow, first coat dires extremely fast, and there's already an awesome difference. color is a little deeper and its smooth to the touch. if this stuff prevents scratches too i'm gold!
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    Can you add some pics. I just purchased the Pink Full shell for my wifes PSP Phat of ebay. She did want the black finish. It will be my first case mod for ther PSP. I have done DS' and those were a pain.
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    Yeah, pics please. Kinda interested. - Man's best friend. - Free shit. It works. Received $183.864 worth of prizes so far.
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