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    Hello, peeps. I have a problem with my PSP 3000. Whenever I power on my PSP, it just blinks and then off. I haven't used it in a while and I was going to going to mod it with LED lights. What I did was, I had a negative and positive LED wire trying to find where it would go for me to solder while it is on. When the LED suddenly powered up, it died and so does the PSP. That was the first thing I did. I didn't turn it on first to see if its still working after a long time of not using it before trying the LED wires to find the points. Does anyone have this problem or knows how to fix. I have modded my PS VITA with LED lights on L2 and R2 and it works fine. Many thanks!

    Here is the link of my psp problem
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    When the LED lit-up briefly, chances are you sent power through a circuit which it wasn't supposed to be going along. Best case scenario - blown fuse. Worst case scenario, another component was damaged/destroyed along the path where you contacted one of the LED's legs. Live circuit testing is only for the experienced, and easy to stuff-up.

    Good luck!

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