Thread: Looking for replacement casing and buttons, Where can I find some for a fat model

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  1. #1 Looking for replacement casing and buttons, Where can I find some for a fat model 
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    I have recently found my PSP fat model stuffed in my dresser drawers as I was getting ready to move out of my old house and into my new one. I wanted to fix it so I can start enjoying it again but there is a problem, The X button fell out (and as a kid, I thought I could fix it but ended up breaking the rubber piece but this part wasn't a big deal since I can always trim it a bit if it doesn't fit). But I am having trouble finding a good replacement casing set and some buttons to replace the old ones (it had been though some hardcore gaming by the owner that had it before I got it from him. I took as good care of it as I could and it lasted me a while, made some friends with it in the process, My favorite toy that I will one day tell stories about with my kids). I need help locating a casing set since the ones I found on amazon had some bad reviews and I couldn't find any that I trusted to spend my hard earned money on on ebay. So I am reaching out for assistance.
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    Put the following in your eBay search:

    PSP 1000 Full Housing Shell Case replacement

    Heaps of colors, about $15 from HK
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