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    I bought a PSP from Ebay. The model 3004. The PSP looks like new, no scratches on the screen or the like.

    Just does not work, the USB port. I tested it on my Macbook and 10 other laptops. Also charged via USB is not working.

    In the menu I have USB charging is enabled and if I connect the PSP to the computer I click on USB Connect. My PS4 does not recognize the PSP and various chargers not.

    Now I had to buy a separate reader-I memory cards.

    Is it possible to check or repair port?
    Have an idea?

    The text was translated by Google Translate.

    : D
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    Hi, without any knowledge of the PSP3000 series, if it was mine - I would check the USB port carefully for signs of corrosion, dust, dirt and junk inside it first (as port may need cleaning - search that on youtube). Then I would make sure that I'm using a USB DATA cable and not just a USB CHARGE cable (only 2 active pins within the USB). On another note I have noticed that a PS3 wireless controller will NOT respond to plugging into a USB charger, however it WILL charge when plugged into a computer USB port - so there's a possibility that even if the cable you are using IS a charge cable, that it won't charge unless it 'speaks' to the computer first (DATA wires may be required to activate charging). Next I would try (with the USB DATA cable plugged in) try holding the cable UP gently while holding the PSP down for about 10 seconds to see if the port contacts may have lifted from the PCB, then down, left, right if no action, Ensuring that the cable is HELD in each position for about 10 seconds to see if it is recognized by the computer. Preferably use a computer that makes some kind of tone when a device is inserted into the USB. Remember that gently could be the difference between damaging a good port - if it's not working for another reason, so use common sense with any mild force applied.

    If that fails... ? Open up for visual inspection, check where the USB port contacts to the PCB, check all ribbon cables are correctly seated, Possibly buy a new port to solder-in/ Are the USB ports fused? Research, research, research... and follow any of my advice at your own peril - as I don't have the 3000 series, I have however come across a ton of faulty USB and DC sockets in my time.

    Good Luck!

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    I could be a bad USB port or the fuse is bad
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    i clean the Port and it dosnt work.
    I use only Data Cable, my friends PSP connect to the PC with this Cable.

    Tomorrow i open the PSP and check other parts!

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