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    I bought a PSP in 2007 which I modded. Now, nine years later, I am beginning to have some problems with it. The start button keeps reacting as if I were pressing it without me pressing it, and the volume turns down without me pressing it as well.

    I was wondering...what is wrong with my PSP, and should I get the PSP fixed, if it were worth fixing, or should I purchase a new modded PSP off ebay, or buy a new PSP, and mod it myself?

    What would all of you recommend that I do?
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    It should be an easy fix just open her up again and this time, first check to see if the ribbon flat cable for the start/select/volume up/down/screen brightener/dimer is on properly or slipping off or at an angle. Second check if no dust, food or water/sweat got on the flat ribbon as this can be the cause of the issue. You should know you can't buy a new psp per say off of any store shelves anymore as of 2014 they stop producing the psp. I would go to a game-stop IF they still hold any psp instead of eBay as it is a gamble you will be stuck with a truly bricked, busted or not really working and over priced psp but that is my opinion.
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