Thread: PSP 2000 working only on AC adapter - batteries tested to work are not detected

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  1. #1 PSP 2000 working only on AC adapter - batteries tested to work are not detected 
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    I m having a weird issue my PSP 2006.

    Basic description:
    1- the PSP do not recognize batteries, which are proven to work on other PSPs
    2- my PSP works when connected to wall socket

    Let me give the details:

    - PSP works while connected to power outlet

    - PSP does not even start when on battery.

    - When plugged in with battery, if I disconnect the power supply cable, PSP will turn off immediately

    - When plugged in with battery, the battery indicator at the top right of the screen shows 3 bars, but for only 10 seconds, then it will be actually blinking every 10 seconds.

    - When plugged in with battery, when going to the battery info menu it does not disclose the details (dashes) and power source shows as "Exernal"

    - The PSP battery port (3 pins) looks just fine.

    Where could the issue come from?
    I thought it could be the power supply/charging fuse on the mobo, though the PSP works on AC adapter (should I rule it out though?).

    Thanks in advance !
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    Hi Groliv,

    Hmmm there could be a multiple reason why your psp won't work unless it is plugged in.

    Since it is not hardware per say... Did you turn your battery into a pandora battery either by soft mod or hardware mod?

    It can also be a bad flash causing the issue...Try doing fast recovery.

    One question to help me narrow things down, does the psp when plugged in show a charging LED (orange) or is it green?
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