Thread: Found Psp At Local thrift store. Wont boot.

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  1. #1 Found Psp At Local thrift store. Wont boot. 
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    I'm not really informed on psp's, but i found a psp 2001 i think its a lite edition shiny back with manual pop open back. only 3 bucks so i grabed it.

    It came with no battery or battery back or charger cord.

    i made sure it was not fake to the best of my ability.

    I have a Usb cord for it but i cant get it to turn on.

    in the battery compartment the Humidity sticker is red pocadoted.

    So i can only assume two things one its bricked or two its water damaged.

    Can this model of psp not boot without a battery etc do i need a ac adapter to make sure etc can you guy's inform me on anyway to get it to boot thank you.

    p.s no light on the power when its pluged into the usb
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    You'll need an AC adapter at least; you can't boot one through USB, only charge the battery

    also: no, you don't need a battery at all to use it, just the AC adapter
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    Im unsure if they 2001 is capable of this mod but theres a USB charge mod for the PSP out there
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