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    I saw someone posting online(not on this site)about being able to put Windows 98 on their PSP. If this is true then could you technically put psobb on there? Minimum system requirements are...Windows 98, Pentium III 700MHz, 128 MB Memory, a 3D Graphics board with a minimum of 32MB VRAM(Direct 3D, NVIDIA GeForce 3, ATI Radeon 8500), Direct Sound compatible card, Direct X 9.0b 1.5 GB Minimum Free Disk Space 256 kbps internet connection. I don't think its possible(it was an old dreamcast game so if this works it will be a miracle...or close to it)but if it is I would so totally abuse the ability to do this...I also need to know if there is a way I could make a change to the Win32 files(so I don't have to pay SEGA to play this game and play on the free servers provided by . This would be totally sick...probally impossible but definitly sick! Thanks for your replies!
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    nope. will never happen. the psp only operates at 333mhz
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    Actually Blue Burst was never on Dreamcast....but whio knows if someone can convert the first PSO. I highly doubt that would happen either.

    Would be nice, because I put thousands of hours into it, and for some reason Blue Burst crashes on my system.

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    the only os that are currently on the psp are mac os7 and windows 95.. and 95 doesnt even work cos it detects that there is no keyboard
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