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    i have psp firmware 2.71, i used the 2.71_TA-082_EASY_Downgrader_0.1_by_csfreakno1. followed steps untill the TAO82 IDSTORAGE CHANGE part, and when i run it i get the msg "This psp doesn't seem to be a TA-082. Hen-D is running, and i dont know what i should do now... someone help.. is it supposed to say its not a TA-082 or do i need the regular 2.71 downgrader that just freezes at the photo part, and doesn't go red screen.? SIGH i modded my xbox 360 but this is just wack im sorry


    haha i kept searching and it turns out that i needed to keep resarting my psp even if i didn't get the red screen gg lol. Finnaly got it after 3 trys.
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    Why did you post the same question twice in 2 separate threads? That's a no no my friend...
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    I think you should first check to see what motherboard you have. There's a guide here somewhere, if not check psp-hacks for the guide and pics. Then go from there.
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