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    Title: PSP WiFile Transfer
    Firmware Required: 2.71 or higher OE
    Description: An FTP server app for your PSP.
    Genre: Tools

    -=Download Here!=-

    While it's not the most useful app in the world, nor is it the most unique (iR Shell and several other homebrews have the same functuinality included), it is simple, small and effective.


    Download the files, de-compress them and copy them to your "GAME" folder. (Well, that was easy)


    Select a wireless network to connect to from the list at startup. It pulls the list of connections from your PSP, so you have to set up a connection in your browser before loading WiFile Transfer, if you haven't already.

    Once you've selected a connection... you're done! It connects and starts up the FTP server.


    Go to your PC and open My Computer or Internet Explorer. Type the address that is shown on your psp screen (For me it's ftp:/ /, it should be similar for you too) and press Enter. It should take you to a view that looks just like it does when you use a USB cable!


    Q: It says it needs 2.71 Firmware! What's wrong?
    A: There could be several solutions:

    You may have accidentally put it in your "GAME150" folder. Keep it in your "GAME" folder.

    If it is in your GAME folder, and you are running 2.71 OE or a later OE firmware, then boot into Recovery Mode and make sure your "Game folder homebrew" option is set to the kernel for your OE firmware, and not "1.50 Kernel".

    You may not have a supported firmware. Switch to an OE Firmware.

    Q: It has a red dot and says it can't connect. What do I do now?
    A: Well, there could be several problems again:

    Your WiFi may be using WPA encryption. See if you can set your WiFi to use WEP encryption, if at all possible.

    Your WiFi router/hotspot may be too far away to maintain a connection. Try moving your PSP closer to the router.
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