Thread: What are the GAME150 and GAME371 folders?

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  1. #1 What are the GAME150 and GAME371 folders? 
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    I have a PSP Slim 2001 with CFW 4.01 m33-2.

    I am very new to this, I just got this flashed Sunday.

    I have been putting all my homebrew games into PSP/GAME and *most* of them seem to work.

    Some of them though, show the thumbnail but when I select to bring them up, they give me a "The game could not be started" (80020148).

    One game that does this is Call of Duty 2: PSP Edition.

    Since I have a slim, I cannot run kernel 1.5 (at least to my understanding) so can the GAME150 be used for some sort of kernel 1.5 emulation?
    NEW PSP SLIM W/ OFW v3.90 ~> CFW v3.71 m33-3 ~> CFW v4.01 m33-2 ~> CFW v5.00 m33 ~> brick! (doh) ~> CFW v.4.01 m33-2 ~> CFW v5.00m33-3
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    Those folders are consistent with your homebrew. If you go to the recovery menu and go to configuration....there'll be a homebrew option it should say Game Folder Hombrew and you can either run your homebrew from the 3.xx folder or the game150 folder.
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    Actually, I think the other option is 1.5 kernel. For slims, this doesn't mean much, just ignore it and stay on 4.xx. The GAME150 folder is not a 1.5 kernel emulator. You can't run original 1.5 homebrews, but some homebrews (like psp halo) use the CFW (4.01) kernel. Most homebrews written like this should work on any CFW version. So you WILL be restricted to certain homebrews/homebrew types. However, there is a way to emulate 1.50 firmware so you can run any homebrew written for the 1.50 kernel. That's Time Machine. Here. It says you need 3.90 M33-2. However, I have used it on 3.90 M33-3. It may work on 4.01 M33-2, but I haven't tested it, and I don't know of anyone who has, so if you try it, be cautious.
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