Thread: Resolve error 80020148 game can not be played when trying to play homebrew games

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  1. #1 Resolve error 80020148 game can not be played when trying to play homebrew games 
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    I had This Problem 2 months ago ...and well ..It Was Pretty Dumb..All you have to do is ..Go to
    1) On the Psp
    2) Update Your PSP

    If you Problem Still Presists..Then do this....

    1) Reboot your psp (hold down the power switch for 10 second, then turn it on)
    2) As it's booting up hold L + R to get into recovery mode

    3) From there got to Advanced => Advanced Configuration and disable the "Execute BOOT.BIN in UMD/ISO" option. Exit the recovery console and boot up the game.

    You should be good to go.

    And Your Welcome..
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    hey im using a psp 3000 CFW 6.60 LME-1.8. i have done the two steps neither of them work. while using step 2 my psp only reboots and doesnt go to configuration.
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    you go into your vsh menu hitting select and change the umd can also occur if your trying to use an unsupported file or if your memorystick is fake aka a knockoff from china
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