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    Anyone else having horrific hand pains from playing the PSP like 45 minutes a day? I never used to have these problems, and now they're chronic to the point where I loaned my PSP away to a friend for awhile. I have those shitty grips with the battery in them, they were actually about 4X more pain inducing over about 3X a longer period of time, definitely no bueno.

    Has anyone developed a mod so you can plug a PS3 controller or a generic controller into the PSP's usb? It would even allow us to use our freaking R2 L2 buttons and the other analog on our ps1 games.
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    The PSP's controls are suckish.

    PS2 controller mod for PSP
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    donnnttt know if this helps... but try this

    dont know how well this works but if someone else has a better tip or mod please post. ive been looking for this aswell.
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    I get bad wrists from playing poker online, when I play PSP for hours and hours then they get bad
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