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    Thing Thing v0.9.1: the madness comes to the PSP

    Posted Dec 16, 2008 at 11:31AM by Isaac C. Listed in: Homebrew Games Tags: Scorpus Ó
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    If you're fond of Internet games, then you're sure to be familiar with Thing Thing. This offbeat little action game was ported to the PSP by homebrew developer Scorpus. The rules? Kill as many bubble-people as you can before they pop you.

    Scorpus says that he will be adding Campaign in a future version. This is a beta release, so expect a few bugs. Here's the changelog:
    • Fixed the bug where if you were jumping over an enemy you could get attacked
    • Fixed some minor graphics errors
    • Fixed some very minor AI quirks I found
    • Added a cheat. Not telling you what it is though
    Download: Thing Thing v0.9.1
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    Wow nice find m8 was a great flash game to pass the time in Computer apps and Graphic design class :P
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