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  1. #1 Age of Empires II on PSP Slim 

    This is using PSPDisp v0.2 read the description as I have provided remapped controls just for Age of Empires II.
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    Cool trick.. but I never got these. Why not just play it on your laptop? I want to take my PSP with me. *shrugs* Cool though.
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    yeah its pretty kool but kinda useless. might as well just use the laptop... unless you take it in ur backpack, then it could over heat...

    this is kinda random but knights, are u the original knightsofwar?
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    Yes I am but I am still trying to get my old account back, all the admin has to do is changed the email on it.
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    Finally watched it, and commented it.


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    how can i change the controls?¿ And how i can put a game in fit screen?¿ When I put fit screen the game don't saw complet screen, only a part of te screen.
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    i showed you the settings in the description in the video and I gave you instructions on how to change the controls for age of empires II, if you want to make your own controls read the html file in the pspdisp folder installed on your computer.
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