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  1. #1 Here's how to enable one more folder layer in 5.00 m33-6 
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    Having sub-subfolders helps greatly with organizing media, but the 5.50 CFW breaks compatibility with a number of useful programs, which is too high a price for it. A compromise was found by nickxab, which allowed it to be used on 5.00:

    5.50 music/video/photo sub folders in 5.00 m33

    One way to enable it without messing with flash, is to use a .ctf theme containing the 5.50 files that allow it, like the one in the next link. The theme itself is the default XMB, and it can be easily installed by copying the archive contents to the memory card, while copying the archive's vsh.txt text to ms0:/seplugins/vsh.txt (don't overwrite the whole file), then by enabling the cxmb plugin through the recovery menu:

    Extra subfolder for PSP CFW 5.00

    If you want that ability with another 5.00-compatible theme, here's how to update it:

    [RELEASE] 5.00 .CTF Updaters v.1

    Now, if you don't mind messing with flash0, here's an easy way to flash your 5.00 m33-6 with the partial 5.50 fileset that enables sub-subfolders (not recommended, really):

    5.50 music/video/photo sub folders in 5.00 m33

    The media folders have to be in the memory card root for you to see those sub-subfolders, as in ms0:/PICTURES/, ms0:/MUSIC/, and ms0:/VIDEO/. If you use ms0:/PSP/PHOTO, ms0:/PSP/MUSIC, or ms0:/PSP/VIDEO, you won't see them.

    Lastly, if you want to sort games/programs out, get "game categories v4" which gives you sub-categories (that require a little setting up, but not much).
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    Game categories v4 works great on 5.00m33-6 even with CXMB themes.
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