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    Hi, another question. Again, running PSP 1001 with CFW 6.6 ME-1.8. Obviously, the browser on PSP sucks... what's the best one available?

    I did look at this thread

    Install Opera Mini on your PSP.

    But I'm assuming some things may be out of date/no relate to my PSP situation. So if somebody could point me in the right director (haven't been steered wrong on here yet) I'd incredibly appreciate it!
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    They're all garbage. There is just no way to have a good web browsing experience when you have 64MB (2000/3000/N1000/E1000) or 32MB (1000) of system RAM.
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    I'd encourage you to read the rules for the forum. They're pretty straightforward and there aren't many of them.

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    true dat! its decent for simple web browsing but if yo uare thinking of using it on a regular basis i would suggest grabbing a cheap tablet to use in place of the psp for web browsing
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