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    I've been trying to get my RemoteJoy configured for input correctly

    I have a PSP-2000 6.6XX Firmware, Used Multiple RemotejoyLites 19.0's and 20.0(The 20.0s Havent been working.)

    I have my Ps3 Controller connected to my computer with MotionJoy It works fine with all Emulators and Games so I know it is connected correctly and also It maps fine to the RemoteJoy but even though it maps correctly when trying to use it to control PSP it does not do anything. Joy Controls and Keyboard Controls don't do anything. Under joy Tab it shows there's activity with the Controller but still it doesnt work.

    For my SEplugins Folder I have;


    This is in each of them, ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx
    With flash0:/kd/usb.prx 1 + the above in Pops.txt

    Plugins are enabled in recovery mode on the PSP. I dont think I've forgotten to do anything, my Games run fine on Remotejoy and sound works fine. The only thing I need it to do now is to use the controller.

    Can anyone help that has had this problem before and fixed it.
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    Here is a great tutorial:*Tutorial* Install RemoteJoyLite (XP & Vista & 7) (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

    Here is a version of RJ Lite that NeurOn ported to 6.6X firmware:
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