So I recently found my old psp (1001) and it has custom firmware 3.03 oe-a on it... I wanted to play loco roco 2 (UMD) on it but it says I need version 4.01 or something. I have tried updating the firmware from everything to 5.00 right down to 3.71 and it starts to work but then says I need at least 3.52 or M33... I have looked abolsutely everywhere and I cannot find the update for it. It will not do anything and I am getting frustrated with it.

I read online about downgrading it which seemed like a good idea seen as it will not let me upgrade it as versions below 3.71 pretty much do not seem to exist on the web ( I cant find any and trust me I looked hard) and in order for me to upgrade higher I need to be on at least 3.52, I managed to find the CFW for 3.40 and also 3.52 but then I always need the original eboot in the update folder which is non existant to me. I was looking at doing a recovery as it seems this can provide downgrade but was not confident in doing so. Seen as the CFW I am using is soooo old there is not much up to date stuff for me to use.

Please can someone help! I just want to upgrade it to a newer firmware to play my game I really do not care which one it is!

Please dumb it down for me I am a total noob!