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    hi everyone...i have a problem with my psp
    I think you can help me...
    So, my psp has a firmware 6.31, and i make a downgrade to 5.03, then I instal mhuspeed, is the same like chickhen r2...and then i instal 5.03 gen-b...everything work's..I instal gt5 and pes2011 and i play it...and then I turn off my psp and the day after that when I turn on my psp all is gone...the files are there but I have to install the mhuspeed and the 5.03 gen-b again...and it repeat every time I shut down my psp or reboot so i throught the all process of instal is wrong and i format the memory stick and i instal everything again and it's the same cr**...can you help me?
    thank you
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    That's exactly how it's supposed to work. It's a "lite" custom firmware, meaning it can't be flashed to the motherboard because the 3000 motherboard has protections in it that won't let you do that. So instead, lite custom firmwares use the exploit in 5.03 and run the custom firmware from memory, not the motherboard. You DO NOT under any circumstances want to flash a full custom firmware to your 3000 because that will brick it permanently.
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    but in system information said's 5.03 gen-b (full)'s bad?
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