Thread: Need help with homebrewing and emulation please.

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    Here's my situation: I have a psp-3000 slim. It is version 6.20. I have put a couple of different CFW's on it as i am trying to run a couple of emulators, specifically the Nesterj NES emulator. But every time i install it, it boots up fine, but when i try to open the folder of ROMs it doesn't open. I tried putting the ROM in the next folder up but when i select it, it doesn't do anything. I don't know if it's the CFW's fault of maybe i didn't do something right. If someone could give me some ideas of what to try that would be great. Lets assume that I don't know anything about computers (not true but i would like this put in as simple of steps as possible). Thanks.
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    Are you hitting Circle to enter the folder? Or are you using X? To enter you would hit Circle instead.
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