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    I just downloaded a psp game and when I extract the compressed file it opens as a winrar achiever file an not an iso or cso. This game does have 2 parts to it. I've downloaded multi part games before, but Ive never encountered this type of problem before and was wondering if anyone has a solution. I've also downloaded the game throught the mirror sites it lists and the smae thing happens to those files as well. Thakn you for taking the time to read this and thank you to anyone if they have a solution.
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    What is in the archive?

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    Why would someone announce to the internet that they are downloading games? The internet is hardly anonymous. Just by registering and posting here there are now 9 people that have access to your IP address. If they wanted to research it then even a simple Google search will turn up your ISP and the city you live in at the very least. Nobody is going to do that but I'm just making a point. And I'm not saying you should or shouldn't download games, that's a choice that you'll have to make, what I am saying is that it probably isn't the greatest idea to go announcing the fact that you are.
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    so i won't be helping you
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