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    Is there any way to rip games from a UMD to a SD or Pro Duo card? I dont want to download games!!!!
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    yea there is and thats what most of the people here does because we dont tolerate piracy here . Download this UMD dump simple - Downloads - - PSP Forum, Hack PSP, PSV Hacks, PS Vita Hack, PSVita
    This plugin will dump an ISO of either your UMD or PSN game to your desktop or where ever you want it. Place the umd_dump_simple.prx into your "seplugins" folder and add this line, "ms0:/seplugins/umd_dump_simple.prx 1" (without quotes) to your GAME txt document. Now, start the game you wish to dump and plugin your USB cable to your PSP and your computer and press the music note button and it will show the ISO image of your game. Place it anywhere on your computer and it will dump the ISO, press music note again once its finished to continue with your game. It is recommended that you disable all other plugins prior to using this.

    Then once you backed up your ISOs create a folder on the root of the psp called "ISO" and iso should go there
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    There are a few major apps. The prettiest is UMDumper It can also convert UMD to .cso while dumping. It does not always work, however, I prefer PSPFiler PSP Filer v6.6 | PSP-Hacks: Hack your PlayStation Portable. PSP filer is not a UMD dumping specific app, but I've found it never fails to work and is my personal choice. THe last way I would recommend would be to bring up the VSH menu in the XMB set the memory device to UMD and to copy the ISO file straight onto your computer. I've found this may have errors as well, but it is the simplest way.

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    thanks a lot!! ill try it soon
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