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  1. #1 plz clear confusion about cfw, buying a new psp 
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    i am considering to buy a PSP E1004 or 3004 [according to my budget] in next 1-2 months. i used to own a PSP 1004 fat but sold it in 1 month as i was not impressed by screen resolution. but now i need a portable gaming device asap.

    last time i did research about these cfw stuff. i came to know that only psp 100x fat could be permanently hacked. [i mean we could turn it off], other slim versions like 200x, 300x needs to be kept in sleep mode bcoz they will revert to stock firmware if turned off.

    is there any new firmware or hack released to permanently hack the psp slims? [or E1004] so we could turn it off and start again without loosing cfw ??
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    There is a permanent hack for some 2k, 3k's and e 1000 but you will have to be on 6.20 OFW or downgrade to it if your not on it already and on some psp's that perm patch cannot be ran because it could brick.
    Now I'm not the one to tell you how to do this but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to tell you how to go about doing it.
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    consult Dank_Game about this man.
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