Thread: Just want to make sure next step on my 6.60 is right.

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  1. #1 Just want to make sure next step on my 6.60 is right. 
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    Ok, I've got a:
    PSP 1001
    Vers 6.60
    No known custom firmware or modifications.
    Has previously held Vers. 6.60 PRO-B9
    I believe I did the second part of this wrong last time so I want to try and get some feedback before I try again. But I can't usually wait so here's my plan anyway.
    As a research device, I need my PSP to run custom Homebrew applications.
    Or CTW.
    From what I've seen so far, this is going to be done through the use of my PSP's "flash" or "memory" access point and installing an exploit that allows for the placement of files into the OS during the initial boot process.
    Since this is coupled with a "quick recovery" program, entry into this mode simply requires the memory card be in place on startup.
    In my case this requires two programs:
    Pro Update and Fast recovery. (In that order of installation)
    Ok. I've done this.
    I placed the two folders in my PSP's "Game" folder that is in my "PSP" folder.
    I Ran "PRO" and my system restarted.
    Upon restart, I pressed X twice. Again it re started.
    I checked my version.
    Vers. 6.60 PRO-B9
    I then went to memory again and ran fast recvovery.
    It re started. Checked version,
    Still Vers. 6.60 PRO-B9
    Now I'll post this before I refresh myself on the next steps.
    Please anyone wants to reply that would be great.
    I'm going to go get something to try and run on it.
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    Fast Recovery is only used by those who has an unhackable psp (psp 2ks with mobo TA-v088 and above and the 3ks). When their psp dies, ran out of battery, they use the fast recovery to shift back to their temporary cfw(LCFW). in your case, since you have a fully hackable psp, you don't need the fast recovery. all you need are the folders "PROUPDATE" and "CIPLflasher". the first one installs and run the cfw, the second one makes it permanent. So even if when your playing and batt ran out, it won't revert back to OFW.
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    Oh. Ok, Permanent if I install CIPLFlasher. I'll go check that out.
    I do have a question though.
    ISO and CSO ???
    Uuumm.. Yea.. I ummm Have a game of mine... that I turned into a CSO file...
    Now, to play it, I simply created a folder called ISO and placed it in the same "area" as my other folders. (Ie. PSP, Music, MP Root)
    When this folder is open, there is another folder called "video." (No. I DO know not to put anything there.)
    All I did to get that game going was to paste the CSO in the ISO folder. Then go to "Game/Memory Stick" and start the game.
    Here's my confusion.
    What types go into this folder, and which ones would go into the "Game" folder instead of the ISO folder???
    Also, I've read somewhere that some have to be placed in the Root folder or something? I can't remember the reason. (In fact, I don't think I have to do that do I?)
    With the 6.60-B9 Will I have to do anything special to run other things? Or will files always be going into the "Game" or "ISO" folders??
    Also, I read elsewhere that I would need Devhook o.44. I don't do I?
    Thank you for your help in advance.
    I believe I'm getting the hang of all this, ....But...?
    Thanks again,
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    ISO/CSO goes into the ISO folder on the root of the memory stick, And Homebrew/EBOOT files go into the GAME folder. There are some Homebrew that require you to put some files on the ROOT of the memory stick but it should also include a file to put into the GAME folder and it should specify what to do.

    And about Devhook, I have been in the scene for a while and I have never used it, so to be honest I don't even know what it is. So chances are unless your wanting to do something special you won't need it.
    In an Ideal world I would have all ten fingers on my left hand and my right hand would just be used for punching.

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    Hello, and thank you for the response.

    Well, I guess I figured out part of my confusion.

    Apparently one of my copies hadn't finished checking itself in the mirror, (better than saying downloading??
    so when I had a problem running it, it was because of that, not where I had placed it. I waited patiently this time, placed it in the ISO folder and it ran great.

    Here's another set of questions though.

    If my ISO folder is supposed to go into the root folder, how come it's working where I have it?

    Should I go in and place it in the root, or leave it where it is now? Will it run me into some problems down the way if I don't?

    Also, how would it go into the root folder? Just open root and place it there, or in another folder that is there?

    I really appreciate the assistance.

    I've had PSP's before, but never did anything more than play a couple of games until I got bored. Not this time! I knew going in that the ability to run CFW was what I wanted. Part of the reason is because of the sheer adaptability of the thing. It works more like a generic "interface" rather than a game system.

    Which leads me to my next question.

    How would I route my PSP display to a video device that is not configured to any standard PSP or computer devices. (Ie. just wires)

    Say I have a set of sunglasses, a PSP, some broken cell phones (video display's) a few USB cables, a soldering iron, and a couple wiring schematics.
    Let's say I could then run the wires from the cell phone displays to a USB female, to USB cable, to PSP. Wanting to use the power as well as the video in/out from the PSP.

    How difficult would the programming be? Would it be easier to make my wiring "Universal?" What software would that be? How would I find the wiring?
    Any ideas?

    I guess that's enough for now! lol
    Thanks again!
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