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    (edited) total noob here. i just want to play nes and snes, and maybe a couple of game gear games on my psp. i've read the guide a couple of times and it's a bit over my head, but i tried the best i could without having to ask. made it pretty far, and everything seems to be working for the most part, but i do have a couple of questions:

    every time i reboot, i have to go back and activate chickhen? is there no way other than pandora/mms to get it to automatically boot into chickhen? also, i'm trying to run a mod of the snes game f-zero, and it boots up fine but only displays about 1/4 of the screen--just the top, the rest is black. any idea if it's the emulator or the rom that's misbehaving? and last, is there a working emulator for sega game gear? i tried one, but it comes up as corrupt.

    any help will be greatly appreciated. tia.
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    correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm positive that pandora and mms wont make you boot into chickhen. pandora batteries boot psp into recovery mode
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    as the guy above said. Also, I don't know if your psp is deemed unhackable or hackable, chickhen is usually a mod intermediate used to install better firmwares, for example when i first learned of chickhen: 5.03 official -> 5.03 chickhen -> 5.03 GEN

    Since i don't know if your psp is hackable, i can't tell you which mod to install on yours, you need to tell your model and color

    Also yes, there is an emu for GG and it runs very fine, however the screen is waaayy closed in for me, i can't believe i played sonic like that when i had GG

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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