Hey everyone. I just recently upgraded from 5.50 GEN-D to 6.60me-1.6 on my PSP2000

Since doing so, I cant get POPs to load when I start a PS1 eboot. I installed POPSDECO's V4E. I extracted its contents to the seplugins/popsloader folder. I created the POPS.txt file in the seplugins folder. I made sure the plugin is enabled and reset VSH.

I have tried 3 different games: Final Fantasy 7, Legend of Mana and Dragon Warrior VII. On each one, I get either an image or precaution warning for about 5 seconds, then the PS1 logo, then the game boots. On each one of these screens i have tried tapping the R1 button. Ive tried holding down the R1 button. POPs just never loads.

Any ideas? Does POPs simply not work on this CFW? Is this the only way to launch POPs? I wouldnt think that it would somehow work for some eboots and not for others??