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    I have a version 2.6 (hacked so I can play iso games off memory sticks) psp, the first type made (the fat one). I was wondering if I could update this to a 5.5 so I can play the Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 ISO, because my current hacked v 2.6 doesn't let me play it (it launches but only shows a black screen). So is it possible to play Dissidia 012 on a version 2.6 or do I have to update? Would there be any major risks that my psp would mess up if i tried to update and mod again? Also if anyone could help me through the update process, that would be awesome. Thank you! Please help me I really want to play this game!
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    i don't know if yu have to update or not, but if yu did, check the readme's for yer plugins to make sure they'd run after the update
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