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    hi,ive installed lme installer & lme launcher i ran lme installer and pressed x to install psp rebooted,now what do i do ? i also made an iso folder in the game folder and put 2 isos in but its not showing up anywhere ? what do i do to run the iso ?
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    Every time you turn on your PSP, you have to run the "launcher" again, this will re-activate the "Lite" CFW. As far as the ISO's go, make a folder in the root of your memory stick and name it "ISO" (without quotes) and place your backups in there.

    EDIT: I just saw your previous post and need to remind you that downloading games(piracy) is typically frowned upon and also against the law. Please refrain from mentioning the fact that you are pirating games........Thank You
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    ok cool & ive sussed it out.

    thx for your help
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