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    Hi guys!

    I had really hoped that I would be able to search for my an answer to my problems, but alas I was not able to and I am here asking for your help.

    If you would spare some of your time to help, I would appreciate it! =)

    So yeah, here's the gist!

    I went out and bought a new PSP (the price drop made it hard to resist) and honestly, it has been ages since I have modded a PSP (my previous psp broke a while back).
    So I went and did my research and it turns out, a lot has changed since the PSP-2001 models!!

    I am not entirely sure if I am understanding this or not, but from what I have read, the newer PSP models mobo makes it so that you are unable to perma patch.
    So with this, I went and downloaded both LME and 660 Pro-B (just for the sake of having one or the other in the event that one or the other does not work).
    I tested things first with 660 Pro-B and after I installed it, I was unable to run either of my back ups. They would load and I would be able to get past the start screen, but any cinema scenes would stall completely and the PSP would freeze. Testing this with multiple different back ups resulted in similar if not the same problem.
    So I uninstalled 660 Pro-B and installed LME. The same problems occured.

    Which brings me to my main question, is there something that I am doing wrong, is there something wrong with the backups I made (I assumed they were not the problem because they worked 100% when I was still rocking my PSP-2001 and they worked on my friends's psps when I used my memory card), is my memory card fudged, or is it my PSP?

    Thanks and sorry for the post being so long.
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    pick wich ever and install again now hit select and change thie iso driver to sonyNP9 and give it a try if not i would say there bad rips
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    did you get the PRO or LME cfw corresponding to your firmware version? ie. 6.60 = 6.60PRO-B10 or 6.60LME-1.6? or have you updated your firmware to the latest before having both cfws installed?
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    @faustnero - yup and yup! I made sure to get the correct versions.
    @dankgame - that was the default actually. I went ahead and cycled through the others just for the sake of seeing if they would work and nada. =(

    I thought it would be strange that this problem would occur with all of my back ups even though they had worked perfectly fine preveously. But if the back ups might the case, then I guess I need to go dig out my games and make new back ups @_@.

    Can you guys think of anything else that would do this?

    I am going to try formatting my memory card and running it again to see if that helps. Will post when done!

    Thanks for the quick replies guys!

    Formatting did not help....*sad*

    I am going to make new back ups tomorrow after I get home from my lab...

    Hopefully I've just missed something and someone knows the solution(s)?

    !!!!UPDATE 2!!!!
    I think I figured it out....haha

    I am pretty sure the problem may have been because the back ups I made were patched.
    I made a new update of Crisis Core and it works fine so far.
    I will try making a new copy of Dissidia later and hopefully it works. >_<
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