Thread: D-Pad & Action buttons don't work in both XMB & VSH

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    I recently installed 6.39 - b9 CFW on my PSP and it worked great but suddenly
    yesterday when I turned it on the D - Pad,Home, Start, Select and Action buttons became unresponsive in XMB after I turned it on.
    (Screen works fine)
    (Volume +/-, brightness and mute buttons works)

    I turned it on while holding R key so it entered to recovery menu but couldn't scroll through it.
    Soon after I let go the R key while in recovery it automatically goes to XMB and still the keys don't work.

    I removed the battery and reinserted it and still the keys don't work, now in the date/time setting menu.
    Also removed the memory stick and tried but the same prob.

    My PSP details:
    PSP model - 1001
    OFW installed - 6.39 b9

    Help me in this issue.
    Thank You.
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