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    Now Im new to this but please bear with me. I ripped my isos for some of my old psx games and converted it to an eboot. I wasn't happy with how it turned out so I deleted it. * At this point It worked* I then recreated it, and it no longer works... I used the same images and everything.

    *Psp 3001 with cfw 6.20 Pro-B9*
    *Psx iso to eboot converter PSX2PSP v1.4*

    I don't think I need to upgrade my firmware I think its the converting software derping because this eboot worked the first time I made it. Tried in both classic, and themed mode neither are working...

    Getting the error Game could not be started (80020148)

    I realise there is another thread about this error but as I stated above I don't believe it's a firmware issue because these eboots worked before literally 5 minutes before I recreated them
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    Are u using popsloader to play psx games?
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    stop fucking around dublin .dont post if you cant help To the other guy- do you have a popsloader installed to play psx if not that mifght be the trouble
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    From what I read if it's at all acurate 6.20 Pro-B9 Has one installed already so I myself haven't installed one. But like I said they worked previously.
    But Ill try that and see what happens
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