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    Just like it says this is my first time.
    I have psp 1000 and would like to know what I need to mod it.
    If someone can help I would be very grateful.

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    all you need to do us to update to latest firmware which is 6.60. you can check your firmware version thru settings>system settings>system info and look at what's "version" is telling you. update via system update on psp's xmb menu
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    There are many ways to mod your PSP. Installing cutsom firmware, emulators, applications or homebrew are just to name a few - don't forget mods like spray-painting, adding LED lights or customsing your PSP. If you're looking to install custom firmware onto your PSP then you'll need a MMS (Magic Memory Stick) and Pandora Battery. Installing custom firmware on your PSP enables you to play ISO's from your memory stick, install homebrew games (games which are made by few people - like an indie release), using emulators (emulating other gaming consoles such as Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo) and allowing the ROMS to play off your PSP.

    Here's a guide which will help you install custom firmware: How To Install PSP Custom Firmware Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and take caution when installing firmware - abuse may cause your PSP to become bricked (this can be fixed, but still, better safe than sorry.) Installing CFW (custom firmware) onto my PSP was the best thing I ever did! It totally makes the PSP a better, more fun gaming console - also most of the modding is pretty easy. Good luck - hit me up if you need anymore information.
    - Av0iD
    PM me if you have any questions regarding digital GFX.
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