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    Hopefully this thread will go through - my last attempt at writing this was met with a message requiring moderator approval before it was posted, and that never happened.

    I lurked around these forums for the past week or so after I stumbled upon my old PSP-1001 collecting dust and thought "What the hell, I haven't touched it in 4 years, I might as well mod it." Unfortunately, trying to figure out how to do so was like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hose. I read a number of threads and learned that (what I understand to be) the easiest way to mod would be to make Pandora battery, so I grabbed a razor knife and went to work on my stock battery. About 3/4 of the way in, I sliced too deep and cut into the capacitor. With a shower of sparks, I had already blown that plan.

    So now that I'll have to replace the battery, I'm met with a number of options. First, I don't even know if a Pandora is necessary. Second, if it's my only battery, I don't want a cheap one that's going to die on me. I think that the safest route for me to go here will be to purchase the Sony PSP-220 battery (The 2200 mAh version) and softmod it into a PB. I'd really appreciate any suggestions in this regard.

    Second, I have no idea how to properly modify from my current firmware. I haven't updated or touched my PSP since the last game I got for it: Liberty City Stories. I do vaguely remember doing some kind of mod in order to run old console emulators, but I don't know if that was a custom firmware or what. The PSP states that the System Software is "Version 2.00" I don't see this firmware version mentioned anywhere on the OFW/CFW thread - in fact, the only place I've seen it mentioned is on the homebrew wiki where it states that this was the first official firmware released with a vulnerability.

    So here's the important question, should I flash to some official firmware before going custom, and if so which? Additionally, should I do this in steps, should I do it over Wifi? I'd like to take any measures necessary to prevent bricking the device. After that, I want to swap over to custom firmware, do I need to flash to 5.0 or 5.5 before jumping to 6.60, or can I go straight to that?

    Thanks in advance.
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