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    hey, i'm just a typical person into games, kind of computer-literate. I need help with a famous question, HOW DO I HACK MY PSP? now i know there are various types in crap so here i go, my psp is a 1000 series, the fat one, currently a version 2.71. Im not stupid, i can easily upgrade to 6.6, done it before. but this is where it starts. i get told i cant hack my psp cuz its too high now since i got this low version i get told it has to be 6.6? come on now which is it? i understand it probably works both ways. i want it noted my psp is a 1000 series, version 2.71 and i have no pandora battery. So i basically need to know, simply, how to hack a fat psp thats 2.71 without a pandora battery. should i upgrade? stay the same? what websites am i looking for? the people in youtube do show you how but WHERE DO YOU GET THOSE FILES AND FOLDERS? I know this isn't hard, i just need someone who understands what theyre doing to be able to dumb it down for someone like me. Thanks. and please reply asap
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    First off remember that most guides are outdated now, but here's the current rules for modding. ALL PSPs can be modded in some form. Your fat can be fully modded, so you can upgrade to 6.6 and then use the latest signed CFW installer, this guide will explain more The ultimate psp guide

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    does it really require a pandora battery or making one?
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    If everything goes smooth you won't need pandora battery.
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