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    So Game are going out of business and I picked up a preowned PSP 3003 running 6.20 OFW for 50. Bargain eh? Dude said it's the LE Final Fantasy model. Anyway.....

    I would like to know how to put CFW on it. I've been reading around and everything seems to be either really out of date or spoken in a language I don't understand anymore

    I don't need my hand held, but a link to an up to date guide would be great. Or if someone would like to hold my hand I won't say no

    Thanks in advance!
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    goto our download section grab 6.20 prob10 and follow the read me its as close to a full cfw you can get since the 3000 psp has an unhackable mobo
    also has a perment patch
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    Not sure if I'm being blind but I can't see 6.20 PRO B10, latest I can see is B9.

    Would it be worth taking the 3003 back and getting a Slim & Lite instead? Any major technical/CFW differences between the two?
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    if 6.20 OFW

    ready to customize like prob9 or prob10 and instract this file

    6.20 prob10 fix

    put the file to mso/game/folder

    run pro update press x after reboot

    you need to permanent boatloader

    and run press x and press 0 good luck
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