Thread: How should a Pandora/MMS combo correctly function?

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  1. #1 How should a Pandora/MMS combo correctly function? 
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    After a whole ton of trial and error, I got my console running 6.60 ME. However, I don't know is the way it boots up is correct or needs tuning.

    As it stands, my battery is soft modded to a Pandora, and I have a MMS with the Time Machine IPL via PSP Tool's creation.

    With battery AND MMS inserted the following actions can be performed:
    Hold L - Boot to DC8
    Hold R - Boot to Recovery
    Nothing - Powered black screen + green light

    With 5.00 or 6.60 OFW, I am loaded directly to the XBR, however, as stated above, in 6.60 ME I am presented with a lit black screen and a green light.

    Is there some way that I should be able to load directly into the XBR without removing the battery or memory stick?

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